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Bumba : The Creator God


At a glance

Origin African Mythology
Classification Gods
Family Members Chonganda,  Nyonye Ngan, Chedi Bumba (Children)
Region Democratic Republic of Congo
Associated With Creation, Life Giving



Bumba is the creator god of the Kuba people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also known as Mbombo, he was a massive white being who was responsible for the universe’s creation.

According to the story of Mbombo’s creation, he was alone and had no help from anyone else. During this time he felt an intense pain in his stomach and he vomited up the moon, sun, and stars. The heat from the sun melted the water that covered the Earth and this created the clouds which later provided freshwater.

He vomited again and brought forth various animals, including a leopard called Koy Bumba, an eagle named Ponga Bumba, a crocodile called Ganda Bumba, a fish Yo Bumba, a turtle Kono Bumba, a black leopard named Tsetse Bumba, a white heron called Nyanyi Bumba, a scarab and Budi, a goat. He also vomited various men, including a white man named Loko Yima.

Physical Traits

He is often represented as a giant and his physical attributes are similar to other human beings but much larger in scale. The one attribute that makes him very different from the other inhabitants of the region is that he is represented as having white skin. Experts are still divided as to why this is so.


One of his sons, Chonganda, said that he would create the world. His first creation was the first plant, which then grew to become all of the flowers and grasses on the Earth. The other son, Nyonye Ngan, died after vomiting white ants and did not contribute much further. Chedi Bumba, the third son, made the last bird, the kite.

After the creation of the universe was settled, Mbombo retreated into the heavens and left Yima as the god of the Earth. His son Woto became the first king of the Kuba.

Other Names

Bumba is also known in the traditional African dialect as Mbombo as is many a time more popular than the English version.

Powers and Abilities

Mbombo is the ultimate god with complete powers over all life on earth. However, after giving humans the control over fire, he returned to the other world never to return again. He has never attempted to influence the lives of the inhabitants of his created universe.

Modern Day Influence

Bumba is still a major part of the religious beliefs of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo and especially the Kuba tribe who still maintain a lot of the traditions even today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the myth of Bumba?

In the beginning, a lone god named Bumba vomited light, land, and creatures, including humans, into existence. His sons contributed plants and fire, leaving Bumba to entrust the world to a deity and retreat to the sky. This creation myth of the Kuba people emphasizes nature’s interconnectedness and Bumba’s absolute power.

What does Bumba look like?

Bumba’s exact appearance isn’t described, but interpretations range from a giant human to a white figure, reflecting both his power and potential colonial influence. His form remains an open canvas for artistic expression and cultural understanding.


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