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Tuwaang : The Craftsman Warrior


At a glance

Origin Philippine Mythology
Classification Mortals
Family Members Maiden of Monawon (Wife)
Region Philippines
Associated With Craftsmanship, Warfare



Tuwaang is the epic hero of the Manobo people located on the central part of Mindanao, about eighty kilometers by road and trail northwest of Davao city. He is believed to be a one man campaign against evil and to protect his people.

He does farming for his people and he is treated as a leader or a Bagani, a warrior who has taken many human lives. He is also a craftsman as seen in the first epic song where it is mentioned that “he is experienced in making leglets, engraving finger rings, and moulding chains”. In other words, he is a blacksmith, which played an important role in their society.

Physical Traits

He is often depicted as wearing his heart-shaped costume made by the goddess, and armed with a long blade and a dagger and a spear and shield. He is also shown as riding a bolt of lightning or his bird, Gungutang


He is known to have married the Maiden of Mo:nawon in the story “Tuwaang attends a wedding”.

Powers and Abilities

According to the legend, he has supernatural abilities that are bestowed upon him because of the clothes made from heavenly materials that he wears. He can teleport using lightning or use his anthropomorphic bird.

He also had the use of the magic betel nut, the magic skin of gold, and the special clothes beaded by the goddesses. He is also known to have command over the wind and lightning.

Modern Day Influence

Several novels and literary work have stemmed from the legend of Tuwaang including “Malakas at Maganda”,“Bongkatolan –the woman warrior, “Epic of Tuwaang Saving the Maiden of the Buhong Sky”, “Tuwaang Saving the Maiden of Monawon from the Deathless Man”, “Epic of Lam-Ang”, “Tale of Banna” and “The Story of the Golden Rice from the Skyworld.”He

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the author of Tuwaang?

E. Arsenio Manuel is the author of “Tuwaang,” an epic centered around the Bagobo, an indigenous community in southern Mindanao. During the late 1950s to 1970s, Manuel successfully obtained and released two songs titled “The Maiden of the Buhong Sky, A Complete Song from the Manuvu Bagobo Folk Epic Tuwaang” and “Tuwaang Attends a Wedding.” Saddani Pagayaw, a key informant, collaborated with Manuel, having acquired the epics from the bard Inuk.

What are the characteristics or supernatural powers of Tuwaang?

Tuwaang, the Manobo epic hero, stands out with his extraordinary supernatural abilities. He can teleport through lightning, wield the wind and lightning, and even transform into animals. Alongside his magical items, these powers make him a formidable warrior. But Tuwaang is more than just brawn – he’s also wise, kind, and skilled in craftsmanship. These qualities, combined with his supernatural gifts, solidify Tuwaang as a legendary figure, forever inspiring generations with his courage and devotion to protecting his people.

What is the moral lesson of Tuwaang attends a wedding?

The Manobo epic “Tuwaang Attends a Wedding” offers a multifaceted moral lesson. Through Tuwaang’s downfall caused by jealousy and impulsiveness, it warns against underestimating others, respecting traditions, and wielding power responsibly. While highlighting the dangers of jealousy, it also suggests that true love can blossom beyond initial attraction. Ultimately, the story serves as a cautionary tale, urging us to think before we act and to use our abilities for good.

What is the story of Tuwaang?

The epic of Tuwaang, a Manobo hero, is a grand adventure tale passed down through generations. Possessing extraordinary abilities like teleportation and flight, Tuwaang embarks on a series of fantastical journeys, battling mythical creatures and powerful enemies. He faces love and loss, transforming into a hero who inspires future generations with his bravery and dedication to protecting his people. This ever-evolving epic celebrates heroism, justice, and the rich cultural tapestry of the Manobo community.

What tribe is Tuwaang?

Tuwaang is the legendary hero from the Manobo tribe. The Manobo people are an indigenous group found in the southern Philippines, primarily in the Mindanao and Palawan islands. They are known for their rich oral traditions, including the epic cycle of Tuwaang, which celebrates their cultural values and history.


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