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Nammu : The Creator Goddess


At a glance

Origin Sumerian Mythology
Classification Gods
Family Members Engur (Husband), Anshar (Son), Kishar (Daughter), Enki (Son), An (Grandson), Ki (Granddaughter)
Region Iraq
Associated With Creation, Heavens, Earth, Oceans



Nammu, the creation goddess of Sumerian mythology, came from the sea and gave birth to the universe. She represented the freshwater Apsu, which Sumerians believed was a source of life and fertility. In Sumerian mythology, she was a primeval goddess who was associated with the ancient Mesopotamian deities and was also referred to as the mother who gave birth to the Earth and the heavens.

Although she is not well documented in Sumerian mythology, she may have been more significant than previously believed. An example of her continued relevance is the naming of Ur-Nammu, who founded the Third Dynasty.

Physical Traits

Although Nammu is a very important figure in Sumerian mythology, there are hardly any references to her physical features other than the fact that she was a female goddess and represented as a woman.


Nammu, whose mate was Engur, gave birth to Anshar (all-father) and Kishar (all-mother), who, in turn, had An (sky father) and Ki (earth mother). The other main god of the Sumerians, Enki is considered to be the son of Nammu and An.

Other Names

Nammu is also referred to a Namma in some of the inscriptions found among the ruins.

Powers and Abilities

Nammu is believed to have been the creator of the earth, heavens and oceans and everything that exists. This includes other major gods and deities who are part of the pantheon. She is said to have been instrumental in the creation of humans as well along with her son Enki who created humans in the image of the gods.

Modern Day Influence

Modern archaeologists and historians are still trying to find more references of Nammu before she became insignificant in the grand scheme of things in Sumerian mythology. The rise of Ur Nammu of the 3rd dynasty has also added to the confusion on the origin and stories revolving around the creator goddess.

Years of influence of the ultra conservative terrorist organisation ISIS has resulted in the destruction of numerous archaeological findings and research as it did not comply with their version of Islam. This included the destruction of statues, figurines, inscriptions and a lot more that still had to be documented.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the goddess Nammu?

In the theology of Eridu, Nammu was a goddess worshipped as a creator deity. It’s believed that she was linked to water. She gave birth to the Earth, the heavens, and life, and she was also known for her apotropaic abilities.

Who did Nammu give birth to?

Nammu gave birth to a male sky god named An and a female earth goddess named Ki. The union resulted in the creation of the god Enlil, who was responsible for agriculture tools, cattle, the arts, and the universe’s ordered structure.

What is Nammu known for?

She is known for birthing the heavens, life, and the Earth to the first couple of deities. She gave birth to Ki and An, and their union led to the birth of Enlil, who is the source of the universe’s order and oversees agriculture tools, cattle, and the arts and civilization.

What is the mythology of Eridu?

Situated in Mesopotamia, the ancient city of Eridu is known as the oldest existing city in the world. It was also the first one built by the gods. In Sumerian mythology, it is believed that the home of Enki, who is also known as Ea, was in Eridu.


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