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Momotaro : The Peach Boy


At a glance

Origin Japanese Mythology
Classification Mortals
Family Members N/A
Region Japan
Associated With War, Peaches



Momotaro is a popular hero in Japanese folklore. He is often translated as “Peach Boy”. He is also the main character in many modern TV shows, cartoons, anime and comics. There has been a popular notion that he is a local hero in Okayama Prefecture, but this is not accepted by scholarly circles.

Physical Traits

Momotaro is never depicted as being older than his late 20s. The physical attributes vary from being fat and lazy to being tall, well built and handsome. The age of Momotaro has considerably gone down as the years went by and is sometimes even described as not being older than 10 years old.


Not much is known about Momotaro’s parents but it is believed that he was born when an elderly couple cut open a giant peach that  they came across. When they cut it open, they found Momotaro instead of the seed and then decided to raise him as their own. He was named after the fruit in which they found him.

Another version of the story also states that he was not born out of a peach. He was actually born to an elderly couple who regained their youth after they ate a magical peach which helped gave them back their youth. They named him Momotaro after the fruit.

Another not so common version of the family story is that Momotaro was found floating down a river in a box which was found by the elderly couple. When they opened it, they found a baby inside holding a peach. This version is one of the modern retellings and many scholars refuse to accept it despite being in line with similar stories from other mythologies around the world.

Powers and Abilities

There are varying stories about the powers and abilities of Momotaro. Most stories depict him growing into a fine young man who was very warm and loving to his elderly parents.

Other versions describe him as a strong and intelligent young man who was very lazy who spent most of his time sleeping. He had to be forced by his parents or the villagers to do work or to protect them from any enemies. Nowadays, Momotaro is one of the most famous characters in Japan, as an ideal model for young kids for his kind-heartedness, bravery, power, and care for his parents.

He usually goes into battle with his enemies accompanied by his trusted companions a pheasant, a monkey and a dog. His weapon of choice is the magical mallet Uchide no Kozuchi.

Modern Day Influence

Momotaro has found his place in modern society in the name of a popular brand of jeans and also as a  character in popular children’s cartoons and comics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story of Momotaro about?

Momotaro, born from a giant peach, sails with animal friends to defeat Onigashima’s ogres, rescuing villagers and returning a hero! A tale of bravery, friendship, and peach power!

What is the moral of Momotaro Peach Boy?

Momotaro, a brave boy born from a giant peach, sets sail with loyal animal friends to vanquish monstrous ogres, rescuing villagers and returning a hero. This timeless tale teaches kids that courage, kindness, and teamwork can conquer any challenge, proving even a peach boy can save the day!

What is the girl version of Momotaro?

Momoko, the “Peach Girl,” springs from a radiant peach, wielding wit and bravery instead of brute strength. With her talking bird, fox, and tanuki companions, she outsmarts hungry ogres on Onigashima Island, restoring peace and proving girls can be peachy-keen heroes too!

Why is Momotaro so popular?

Momotaro, a hero of Japanese folklore, is popular due to his story’s themes of bravery, friendship, and triumph over evil. His tale was included in school textbooks during the Meiji Period, making it a part of cultural education. During World War II, Momotaro was symbolically used in media, further cementing his cultural significance. Today, his legend is a significant part of Japanese culture, often linked to Okayama City, its supposed origin, and is encountered in daily life from children’s songs to festivals.

What happened as Momotaro got older?

Momotaro, found in a peach, grew strong and brave. He decided to fight havoc-causing Oni (demons). With a monkey, dog, and pheasant, he journeyed to Onigashima Island. They battled the Oni, who surrendered their treasures. The group returned victoriously to their village.


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