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Inti : The Sun God


At a glance

Origin Incan Mythology
Classification Gods
Family Members Viracocha (Father), Mamacocha (Mother), Mama Quilla (Sister/Wife), Pachamama (Sister), Manco Capac (Son) and Mama Ocllo (Daughter)
Region Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
Associated With Sun, Agriculture



Nestled in the heart of the Andes, where clouds tenderly embrace snow-capped peaks and lush valleys cradle ancient cities, resided the Inca Empire. Their sun-kissed world throbbed with vitality under the benevolent warmth of Inti, the supreme deity whose golden gaze illuminated every facet of their existence. Revered as the bestower of life, protector of crops, and progenitor of their emperors, Inti commanded devotion woven into their architecture, rituals, and essence. Embark with us into the resplendent domain of Inti, and discover the mysteries veiled within his radiant rays. Inti, the venerable Inca sun god, stands as the national patron of the Inca state. While commonly acknowledged as the sun god, Inti’s identity is more accurately perceived as a composite of solar aspects, with the Inca delineating his essence based on the sun’s various stages.

Physical Traits

In diverse representations, Inti exhibited varying appearances, yet certain fundamental elements persisted. Frequently depicted as a humanoid figure with a radiant visage, his countenance occasionally hollowed to contain gold dust or the ashes of Inca kings’ hearts. A fiery crown, resembling either flames or feathers, radiated from his disk-shaped golden head. Alternatively, some portrayals transformed him into a puma, condor, or serpent, embodying the formidable creatures that mirrored the sun’s multifaceted nature. The most sacred statue of his was kept in his shrine at Cuzco.


Although Inti held the position of the supreme god, he shared the celestial pantheon with Mama Killa, the moon goddess, who also happened to be his sister and consort. Her silvery light complemented his fiery radiance, and together, they functioned as the celestial parents of the Inca people, orchestrating the delicate equilibrium between day and night, as well as light and darkness. Their offspring, Chuqui Illapa, the thunder god, and Nina Illapa, the lightning god, played essential roles in bringing rain and fertility to the land, ensuring the perpetuation of the life-giving cycle.

The prevailing belief suggested that Inti originated from Viracocha, a deity with numerous titles, chiefly recognized as the God of Creation. Inti and his sister, Mama Quilla (or Mama Killa), the Moon goddess, were generally perceived as benevolent deities. According to common belief, Manco Cápac, the esteemed founding Inca ancestor, was considered the son of Inti.

Powers and Abilities

Inti’s power was boundless, encompassing every aspect of the natural world. He controlled the sun’s movement across the sky, dictating the seasons and the growth of crops. His golden rays brought warmth and light, while his fiery wrath manifested in droughts and scorching heat. He watched over his people with vigilant eyes, his celestial gaze penetrating the deepest valleys and soaring over the highest peaks.

Modern Day Influence

Though the Inca Empire faded into history, Inti’s legacy continues to shine. His symbol, the sun disk, adorns the flags of several South American nations, a testament to his enduring influence. The Inti Raymi festival, held in June, celebrates the winter solstice and honors the life-giving power of the sun, drawing thousands of visitors to witness the vibrant parade and traditional dances.

Inti’s spirit lives on in the hearts of the Andean people, a potent reminder of the interconnectedness of nature, the celestial cycle, and the human spirit. His golden rays continue to bathe the Andes in warmth, a whisper of a time when the sun god reigned supreme, and his children danced beneath his benevolent gaze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inti god of?

Inti was the Incan God of the Sun and also one of the most important gods in the whole Incan pantheon.

What did Inti do to his children?

Inti had 2 children, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo. They were asked to bring order and civilization to humans and they found the city of Cuzco.

What temple is dedicated to Inti?

The Incan Temple of the Sun located at Machu Pichu in Peru is believed to be dedicated to the Sun God Inti.

Are Inti & Viracocha the same?

No. Inti is believed to be Viracocha’s son.


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