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Baiame : The Creator God


At a glance

Origin Aboriginal Mythology
Classification Gods
Family Members Birrangulu (Wife), Ganhanbili (Wife), Dharramalan (Son)
Region Australia
Associated With Creation, Sky



Baiame is the ancient sky god of the Kamilaroi peoples of New South Wales. He is known for inventing the stone fish trap and for answering prayers for rain. He is also considered to be the creator god for several Aboriginal tribes of south eastern Australia like the Wonnarua, Kamilaroi, Eora, Darkinjung, and Wiradjuri.

Physical Traits

Baiame is often depicted as wearing a large head-dress with various internal decorations. The images available are from numerous cave paintings and stone carvings available, so more detailed descriptions are unavailable. These include vertical lines running down his body and bands and dots. It is believed that he is an older person who is wise and takes an interest in helping the humans who worship him.


He is believed to have two wives, Birrangulu and Ganhanbili. Birrangulu is commonly identified and represented as an emu which is one of the birds that is native to the region. He is also believed to have fathered Dharramalan with Birrangulu according to some tribes while others believe Dharramalan to be his brother.

Other Names

Baiame is usually not known by any other names but there have been many variations to the way the name is spelt depending on the person who is writing about the god. The most common representations are Biame, Baayami, Baayama or Byamee.

He is also referred as Sky Hero or All Father or Sky Father among most of the tribes from the Australian mainland.

Powers and Abilities

Coming down from the sky, Baiame created forests, rivers, and mountains. He then gave people their laws of life, their songs, culture and the traditions that are followed even today. He created the first initiation site known as a bora which is a place where boys were initiated into manhood. He returned to the sky once he was finished giving him the name Sky Father.

It was forbidden to mention or talk about the name of Baiame publicly. Women were not allowed to see drawings of Baiame nor approach Baiame sites—which are often male initiation sites.

Modern Day Influence

Baiame sites like the Baiame Caves are popular tourist spots in Australia due to the many cave paintings that still exist. The native tribes still hold Baiame in very high regard and fiercely protect other sacred sites that are associated with the creator god. Many tribes also ensure that the male initiation ceremonies are still conducted according to the traditions of the tribe and dedicate it to Baiame.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baiame the god of?

In Australian Aboriginal mythology, Baiame is the revered creator god and sky father, responsible for shaping the land and bringing life to the world. He is also seen as a powerful ancestor and the master of life and death.

What is the meaning of Baiami?

The name likely carries an association with the vastness and power of the sky, linking Baiame to creation and wisdom. Baiame may also embody the connection to and guidance from previous generations, solidifying his role as a revered ancestor.

Is Baiame real?

Baiame isn’t a physical being in the scientific sense, but for many Aboriginal Australians, he represents a powerful spiritual force and ancestor, deeply interconnected with their identity and creation stories.

Why is Baiame cave sacred?

Baiame Cave holds stunning rock paintings over 3,000 years old, depicting Baiame, the creator god, and connecting this specific location to the very beginning of Wonnarua creation and spirituality. Beyond the artwork, the cave itself serves as a powerful link to Baiame and the ancestral beings, serving as a site for traditional ceremonies, teachings, and communing with the spirit world.

What did Baiame create?

From mighty mountains to the songs in our hearts, Baiame sculpted the land and breathed life into the world, shaping both nature and Aboriginal culture.


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