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Achilles : The Ultimate Warrior


At a glance

Origin Greek Mythology
Classification Mortals
Family Members Peleus (Father), Thetis (Mother), Patroclus (Partner)
Region Greece
Associated With Warfare, Injury free



Achilles is one of the most popular characters from Greek mythology and literature who has been immortalised with numerous references in modern culture. The legend of the Trojan War centres on the heroic leader of this Myrmidons who was unbeatable in battle, and only the intervention of Apollo ended his reign.

During the Trojan War, he is known for killing the Trojan prince, Hector. Although his exact execution is not mentioned in the Iliad, other sources claim that Achilles was killed by Paris. In his later works, such as Achilleid, which was written in the 1st century AD, it is believed that he was invulnerable to all of his body’s forces due to his mother’s holding him by one of his heels as an infant.

Physical Traits

Achilles was the bravest, handsomest, and greatest warrior of the army of Agamemnon in the Trojan War. He was also claimed to be perfect in form, physique and motion.


Achilles was the son of Peleus, who was the king of Greece and Thetis, who was a sea nymph. Due to their love, Zeus and Poseidon were rivals for Thetis’ hand in marriage. However, after learning that Thetis would have a child who would surpass his father, Zeus arranged for him to marry a mortal man so that his child could not challenge his power. A different version of the story states that Thetis rejects Zeus’s advances and eventually marries Peleus.

Achilles’ mother Thetis abandons her husband and son to return to live with the sea nymphs when Achilles is still young. Needing some help raising Achilles, Peleus sends him to be educated by a centaur named Chiron. As a boy, Achilles develops a close relationship with another boy named Patroclus, who joins Achilles’ household as an exile, having accidentally killed another child. They become friends and possibly lovers.

Other Names

Achilles has also been referred to by various names based on the myth or author of that particular piece of work. He has also been bestowed with different names at various stages of his like like Pyrisous, Aeacides, Aeacus, Aemonius, Aspetos, Larissaeus, Ligyron, Nereius, Pelides, Phthius and Podarkes.

Powers and Abilities

Achilles was the most powerful warrior in the whole of Greece. He was a master strategist and adept at using almost any weapon in the army’s arsenal. Due to the incident where he was dipped in the river Styx by his mother he was also invulnerable to attacks anywhere on his body apart from his heel.

Modern Day Influence

Achilles has been represented as a hero in movies, television shows and various other modern art forms. The most famous representation in modern times was when Hollywood actor Brad Pitt played the role of the Greek hero in the movie Troy.

The term “Achilles’ heel” has also been used to refer to someone with a weak point despite an otherwise strong constitution. The important tendon in the human body that connects the foot with the rest of the leg has been named as the Achilles tendon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How was Achilles killed?

Paris of Troy killed Achilles by shooting him with an arrow during the Trojan War. Although the death of the warrior is not mentioned in the Iliad, various sources claim that he died near the end of the conflict. Some believe that he was killed by a poisoned arrow.

Who did Achilles fall in love with?

During his life, there were various love interests for Achilles. One of these was Briseis, who appeared in the film “Troy.” She was a war prize that was given to him, and she eventually returned to him. Patroclus was another love interest.

The bond between Patroclus and Achilles is a central element of the stories that revolved around the Trojan War. The exact nature of this relationship has been the subject of debate in both the modern and classical periods.

Why is Achilles so famous?

The Greek warrior known as Achilles is regarded as the greatest Greek warrior. He was the son of Peleus and Nereid Thetis, and he is the central character in Homer’s “Iliad.” During the war, he killed Hector outside of Troy’s gates.

What is the legend of Achilles?

Thetis and Peleus were the parents of the Greek warrior known as Achilles. He is regarded as a hero due to his strength and courage. He was the greatest warrior that Agamemnon had during the Trojan War. According to legend, his mother, Thetis, would dip him in the river Styx as a baby and hold him by one of his heels.

Why did Paris killed Achilles?

It is believed that Paris of Troy killed Achilles with an arrow by shooting him in the left heel. He was trying to avenge his brother Hector, who was killed by the Greek warrior. They were already enemies, and Hector also killed Patroclus, who was the closest friend of Achilles. Achilles carried out his revenge against Hector by killing him and dragging his corpse around Patroclus’ grave three times. Paris, Hector’s brother, was enraged and wanted to kill him.


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