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About Us

About Us

We are a mix of mythology enthusiasts and subject matter experts who have come together to introduce to you the magical world of mythology. Originally a brainchild of Nitten Nair, a self confessed mythology buff, it required the help of many people in the initial stage to visualise and execute this massive endeavour. Along this journey, many people joined in with the vision to become the vessel for bringing various cultures closer together.

Every member of the team not only has a full time job, they are also in cities ranging from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Coimbatore and Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India, Guruvayoor in Kerala, India and Laos in Nigeria. With the help of WhatsApp, Zoom and other online tools we have managed to deliver this project without even meeting each other once during the entire time this project has been live.

Our mission is to showcase as many mythologies and characters as possible and make us all realise that there is more common between us than we think.  We are eager to hear from you and do let us know your feedback and suggestions.

Our Team


Aadhav Krishna

Data Entry

Ooty, Tamilnadu

Altaf Hussein

Technical Consultant

Dubai, UAE

Deepak KB

Video Consultant

Chennai, India

Dina Menon

Administrative Consultant

Coimbatore, India

Harmanpreet Singh

Video Editor

Punjab, India

Hiran Narayanan

WordPress Developer

Guruvayoor, India

Nitten Nair

Content & Research

Coimbatore, India

Praveen Kujur

Video Editor

New Delhi, India

Sudheesh MP

SEO Consultant

Palakkad, India

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