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M’ii : The Coyote Trickster


At a glance

Origin Navajo Mythology
Classification Gods
Family Members N/A
Region United States of America
Associated With Trickery, Forgery, Water



M’ii is a character in Navajo mythology and is considered to be one of the most significant figures in the culture. Often described as a trickster and troublemaker, M’ii is still revered among the other major gods of the Navajo people. Although To Neinilii is the god of rain, Coyote has powers over water as well.

She is also a major figure in traditional Navajo healing ceremonies, stories, folklore and creation myths. She is also involved in the making of the Twelve hogan songs, which are believed to have been created by Changing Woman. She is also responsible for informing people about the Blessingway ceremonial.

Physical Traits

M’ii takes the form of a coyote in animal form and she looks like a wise and shrewd woman in human form. She is most often depicted in her animal figure, but can also be portrayed in a human form.

Powers and Abilities

She is a shadowy figure that can be funny or fearsome. M’ii is greedy, vain, foolish, cunning and also occasionally displays a degree of power. This charcter has often been called the most contradictory character in Native American mythology. As a trickster, she also displays all skills related to deception, forgery and mirth.

The Coyote also is credited with the creation of the constellations and the positioning of the stars in the sky. She is also responsible for the First Flood and for bringing humans onto the fourth world (Earth) after the floods.

Modern Day Influence

Stories revolving around M’ii are frequently used to teach young children from the Native American tribe of the Navajo of values in life like respect to elders and other social norms.

She is a character who is often wandering off by herself, turning up with advice and instruction. She is also responsible for making sure that the world she created is in order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ma II in Navajo?

Ma’ii is a very important figure in Navajo mythology and storytelling. He’s known as a trickster, often mischievous and cunning. However, he also plays a crucial role in bringing fire to humanity, teaching valuable lessons, and representing the transformative power of change.

What does Maii mean in Navajo?

Unfortunately, “Maii” without the apostrophe or macron doesn’t have a direct meaning in Navajo.The word for coyote in Navajo is ma’ii with the glottal stop, which differentiates it from other words.

What gods are associated with coyotes?

The coyote as a symbol and figure is prevalent in many cultures across the Americas, and it often holds religious significance due to its unique characteristics and adaptability. Ma’ii (Navajo is a prominent trickster deity, responsible for creating fire, teaching humans vital lessons, and embodying change.

What animal is a trickster god?

The coyote is the most famous trickster god animal, appearing in many North American indigenous cultures. He’s known for his mischievousness, cunning, and ability to teach valuable lessons through his antics.


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