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Adaro : The MerMan


At a glance

Origin Melanesian Mythology
Classification Hybrids
Family Members N/A
Region Solomon Islands
Associated With Fishermen, Evil



According to Melanesian mythology, the Adaro are celestial beings associated with the sun. They are depicted as aquatic creatures who traverse the oceans through waterspouts, interact with various other spiritual entities, and manifest on Earth during sun showers. Nyorieru is regarded as their chief figurehead. It is believed that if an individual fails to make a specific offering within a prescribed time, an Adaro spirit has the capability to harm them by shooting a projectile at their head.

Physical Traits

Traditionally, the Adaro is portrayed with unique features such as ear-adjacent gills, fins in place of feet, a horn reminiscent of a shark’s dorsal fin, and a projection on their head resembling that of a swordfish or sawfish. In contemporary adaptations, there’s a tendency to render the Adaro with a more human-like appearance.


The Kakamora is an earthly being, whereas the Adaro hails from the sun. Within this narrative, the Kakamora symbolize three of the four elements. The Adaro, a sun-associated entity, embodies both the elements of earth and water, while the fiery aspect is represented by the Kakamora.

The story revolves around a conflict between the forces of water and fire, each vying for world dominion. However, Earth perceives these two elemental forces as the ultimate dominators, both entangled in their internal struggles. The ongoing strife between these creatures is set to persist until the birth of a prince.

Other names

The term “adaro” originates from the Arosi language, carrying multiple interpretations such as “ghost,” “corpse,” and “spirit.” Conversely, “aunga” serves as a positive expression for the concept of the soul.

Powers and Abilities

The Adaro is widely regarded as highly perilous due to its malevolent disposition. It is believed to originate from the division of a person’s spirit into two parts: the Aunga, representing goodness, and the Adaro, representing evil. These beings have the ability to traverse waterspouts and lethally harm unsuspecting individuals by launching poisonous fish. In folklore, it is said that during dreams, Adaros actively seek individuals to impart new dance and song forms.

Modern Day Influence

Within the video game “The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun,” Adaro takes on the role of a playable character. This character remains a prominent figure in folklore, with numerous fisherman’s stories being centered around it. Presently, rituals of worship and offerings are still conducted to pacify the Adaro. It is customary for boats passing through the area to use their paddles gently so as not to disturb this mythical entity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adaro?

In the mythology of Makira island, in the Solomon Islands, the Adaro were malevolent merman-like sea spirits.

What is the myth of the Solomon Islands?

Adaro: In the mythology of Makira island, the Adaro were malevolent merman-like sea spirits. There are many other myths from the islands and many of them are associated with the sea.


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